Thursday, 12 April 2012

3 day residency - WOW!!!

With the three day holiday residency finished, the Magpie dancers are bubbling with enthusiasm! 

Video footage and photos to this space...but for now, here's a snapshot of what the dancers and parents thought of the 3 days...

Receiving smiley faces and thumbs-ups on the feedback forms, it would seem we are off to a good start. At the end of day 3, the Magpie dancers displayed all of their hard work to parents, friends and staff from Magpie and New Adventures.

They gave us a sneaky peak of their upcoming performance…from the making of Ed, to him discovering the fractious (and funny) families in his newly found community and trying to fit in...but the dancers left us all hanging by not revealing the final scene!

In their reflective journals, the Magpie dancers stated that they “always have fun” and that “Big Dance rocks!” They also fully enjoyed the use of music and meeting new people through this collaboration. These comments, as well as expressing the experience as “tiring” and being “hard work” suggests just the right amount of work and play happening.

Parents stated that they “were amazed at how much work had been created in such a short space of time.” Some of the other comments made about their performance were:

“Imaginative, inventive, & fantastic!”
“Great teamwork!”
“Love the use of props!”
“Lovely jubbly”

Receiving guidance from the Magpie facilitators as well as the Re:Bourne artists, the dancers  have had new challenges and experiences.

In addition to the visible hard work in the dance studio, parents also noticed changes in the dancers at home. Everything from sleeping in a little longer, to being more confident and expressive in their dance – some parents felt that all this can be attributed to their experiences on the 3 day residency.

The musicians, Hans and Jenks, have expressed huge appreciation and gratitude to the dancers and choreographers for staying focussed throughout, making the process feel effortless and most importantly, enjoyable.

We look forward to following their progress throughout the summer term towards their final production in July!

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