Thursday, 12 April 2012

Reflections on the February artist exchange days

Back in February, Magpie and Re:Bourne spent 2 days sharing working methods, teaching approaches, creative tasks and practices with each other.  Both companies found the exchange extremely rewarding and agreed it was essential before embarking on such a big project is a snapshot of the feedback...more to come so keep watching :-)

Magpie facilitators commented on the Re:Bourne led session
Reflecting on the Re:Bourne led day, a Magpie facilitator commented that "being participants in the session, I felt that Magpie staff were able to bond more as a team".  The facilitatators said  "It was good to experience the creative tasks and consider how the Magpie dancers will find the work".  They experienced "a wealth of new exercises and creative/choreogrphic ideas" and said "it was good to learn more about their work such as use of narrative".  One artist noted that they will "look into using character work at times for different responses"

Magpie facilitators commented on the Magpie-led session
"I realised how much we do at Magpie"

Re:Bourne artsist commented on the Magpie led session
Artists commented that "watching the Magpie leaders and facilitators teaching a class and putting into practice the tools talked about in the morning" was one of the most useful aspects of the day.

They said they had learned "the importance of asking the dancers questions and giving them responsibility in the creative process"

In terms of how the artist exchange has impacted on future ways of working, one artist commented "to always challenge my expecations of the participants and to never make assumptions"

Talking about the project, Re:Bourne artists said they "would like the dancers to have a fun time and be able to enjoy the 'story telling' style of New Adventures"

Further exploration...
Artists were asked what they would like to explore further on the project?

"How deep can we take the character work?"

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