Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"Moving as One Extended Team" - Alison Ferrao

In Addition to the New Adventure artists that attended the February artist exchange, we also spoke with Magpie Dance Facilitator Alison about her experiences. Here are some of her responses:

 1. What was your overall impression of the 2 artist exchange days? 
“A really great introduction to both companies. It was important to have had this experience ahead of rehearsals commencing to ensure our dancers could gain the maximum benefit from the project."
2. What did you find most useful about the Artist Exchange? 
The conversation we had at the end of day two was very important.  Once we had experienced each company’s way of working, we could then discuss what would and wouldn’t work for the dancers and how things may be adapted.  This felt like we were moving forward as one extended team rather than two separate companies."

3. What did you learn?
I had the chance to find out more about the NA way of working which was quite interesting.  The usual way of working at Magpie is to start with a very simple idea and then gradually build up layers.  After the NA workshop, I had to think about how we would reverse this process to make it inclusive.  This was a new approach and a different way of working for me."
4. Is there anything in particular that will inform the way you work as an artist/teacher in future? 
"As mentioned above, I would consider a different approach.  Also, I have used some of the exercises from the NA workshop in the community class. They have been well received and it was a positive challenge for participants and myself to attempt a completely different way of working and  focussing within the group."
5. What are your expectations for this Big Dance project?
"Hopefully, we can provide a new experience for the Magpie dancers and develop their skills which will result in a new innovative piece that will be well-received by the audience."

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