Tuesday, 1 May 2012

"It was great to be welcomed" - Artist Exchange Feedback

Michela, Steve and Jack (New Adventure artists) all came to the February artist exchange and were asked to answer some questions about their experience. Here are their responses:

1. What was your overall impression of the 2 artist exchange days?

“The artist exchange days were very well organised and structured”[M.M].

“I thought the two days were planned extremely well from both sides”[S.K].
“Only having attended the Magpie half of the exchange it was very useful for me in learning how magpie works and the practices they use. Not only was it useful for finding the differences in our approaches but also the many similarities” [J.J].
2. What did you find most useful about the Artist Exchange?
“Watching the magpie leaders and facilitators teaching a class and putting into practice the tools talked about in the morning” [M.M]
“As a new adventures artist it was great to be welcomed and taken through the Magpie process by Alison and David and their experience really shone through” [S.K].
“There are quite a few details of working with the magpie groups that were essential to know before working with them and the exchange was necessary to learn these. The afternoon with some of the participants was then very helpful to put these into practice” [J.J].
3. What did you learn? (NA artists…please reflect on inclusive practice skills learned from the session with Magpie)
“The importance of asking the dancers questions and giving them responsibility in the creative process” [M.M]
“I learnt lots of new games and exercises and how to work with integrated groups so that everyone feels included, which will be so helpful in the process and the future” [S.K].
“One of the most useful things I learnt was that whilst some participants might respond well to vocal instructions, others understand an image better, or an action to show them, or even a sound, and that a blanket approach rarely works for all. Also getting the participants to actively contribute to the workshop, so that it is they who are taking the initiative rather than us telling them what to do” [J.J].
4. Is there anything in particular that will inform the way you work as an artist/teacher in future?
“To always challenge my expectations of the participants and never to make assumptions” [M.M].
“I think more than anything it was the things that you should avoid and the things that physically you have to be aware of… and that it has to be a completely ‘inclusive’ experience”[S.K].
“One of the points above I will take with me on any teaching project now, the point regarding the different approaches to lead someone to understand a subject, and not just using words/instructions to do it [J.J].
5. What are your expectations for this Big Dance project?
“I would really like for the magpie dancers to have a fun time and to be able to enjoy the 'story telling' style of New Adventures” [M.M].
“My expectations are that we are able to give the performers a New Adventures experience… That they be a part of a narrative piece of work, to include story telling and movement and that it is new way for them…
I feel strongly that we don't resort to ways of working that are easier or more familiar and that we continue to challenge the practitioners to think and move differently to what they have been used to… Overall the process is enjoyable and exciting and something they will always remember” [S.K].
“That it will push the participants into doing something new and challenge them in their practice/performance skills” [J.J].

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